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Welcome to the beta of Minecraft Capes. Capes are NOT available in the current version of Minecraft but on some modded servers they are. We hope Mojang will add capes for all! Head over to the official Facebook page for Minecraft capes and tell Mojang that you want them to add capes!

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Animal Capes (9616)
The real monsters of Minecraft!
Crests Capes (2974)
Family, Guild or Server Crests. Well, any Crests.
Flag Capes (4249)
Country or civilization flags in every color.
Holiday Capes (1253)
Let's get festive with some holiday cheer.
Logo Capes (12277)
Logos of anything and everything. No nudies.
Miscellaneous Capes (8937)
A spot for everything else! But come on, don't be lazy.
Object Capes (5675)
Inanimate objects forged into a cape, molded into a file.
Official Capes (7502)
Capes from Mojang or other famous figures.
Sports Capes (1959)
Sports themes or objects in support of player unions.
Super Hero Capes (4908)
Super heros of all shapes and sizes.
TV and Movie Capes (1635)
Your favorite mostly liberal themes from TV and Movies.
Video Game Capes (8796)
Anything video games, even from the 80's.
Number of Capes Available = 69781    Number of Categories = 12     Number of Ratings = 86657      Number of Authors = 31560

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New Capes
1.Zombie   by LordZombert8/29/2014
2.lee pop   by jordas8/29/2014
3.da best 2   by Hugh8/29/2014
4.Cole   by Kristin8/29/2014
5.eye of awsome   by kukalake8/29/2014
6.mak   by hope oldaker8/29/2014
7.Studio Tour Cape   by Ethan Cha8/29/2014
8.Time machine   by cloud908/29/2014
9.hyper ender   by hypershadic70438/29/2014
10.lukebuscus123   by Luke8/29/2014
11.Rainbow   by Alexa8/29/2014
12.nox   by moritz8/29/2014
13.creeper   by giraffes eyespots8/29/2014
14.Zombie   by LordZombert8/29/2014
15.L   by L.T.8/29/2014
Most Popular Capes
1.Minecon Attendee Cape   by Minecraft Capes AdminApplied: 24480
2.skythekid RS   by Matthew Applied: 13842
3.MINECON 2012 Cape   by Deathtrap1447Applied: 13361
4.pokemon   by phillipdog13Applied: 11197
5.batman cap   by sethdoesminecraftApplied: 8704
6.Mojang Logo   by Minecraft Capes AdminApplied: 6269
7.minecon 2011   by spazheadApplied: 5956
8.Minecon Blue   by dermonolithApplied: 5086
9.Minecon 2012   by arjake_pinedaApplied: 5059
10.sword   by diamond3112Applied: 3904
11.Minecon_2012_by_because512fox   by fireblaze5550Applied: 3888
12.Purple Minecon cape   by magicman5443Applied: 3620
13.grey diamond cape   by kidindahatApplied: 3390
14.Minecon   by MeApplied: 3256
15.taytay0693   by taytay0693Applied: 2954

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